I am a creative marketer and brand evangelist, focused on directing and producing branded campaigns and original content soup to nuts. I help folks find a larger voice and develop their ethos, having transformed brands and clients into formidable businesses through the mechanisms of video production and larger content strategy.

I'm a diligent Producer that operates well under pressure, and my service comes with a smile. The production process and the resonant power of storytelling fascinate me. Today's media-saturated world necessitates that brands and publishers speak to their audience in a way that not only conjures empathy, but does so with careful consideration to the value of their time.

The only thing I enjoy more than executing a creative concept and sending it to press is thinking about the audience who will view a piece -- making sure they are served attention-worthy content, when and where they want it most.

Today, I am based in Los Angeles, where I produce one-off video projects and larger branded campaigns designed to drive return on ad spend and new customer acquisition for brands of all sizes.

Please don't hesitate to write :) robwiedie@gmail.com